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iconistic® branding in store

In simple terms, retail and how it works hasn’t changed radically since packs started appearing on grocer’s shelves in the 1800’s. pi pop endeavors to optimize brand presence and salience at purchase decision point, the only place our client’s brands have to compete for consumer attention, right next to their strongest competitors 24/7/365. pi pop bridges the gap between packaging and retail. We believe that we need to optimize every possible opportunity to ensure that our brands are visible and speak to the consumer with one voice… packaging and retail design potential can only be maximized when approached holistically. Fully integrated branding tools and techniques, strategic retail planning focused on brand salience and equity leverage and consistent visual management at purchase decision point can all provide our brands with shelf dominating power. Improving shopper brand experience and the ability to find and decode the brand, its architecture and range is probably one of the most important, yet underdeveloped disciplines in the marketers toolbox.